Breaking Free

Breaking Free

As a kid growing up. My brother and sisters and I played a game. We used to try to tie each other up where we couldn’t escape. We all got very good at slipping out of knots and breaking free. Though we also got better and better at tying one another up. It was a horrible feeling to be tied up and unable to break free. It was uncomfortable. It began to hurt and yet the more you struggled to get loose the tighter the knots became and the more pain you went through. It was awful. At least it was just a game and we could simply give up and cry out for help. Then we would be untied and let go.

“This is all there is in the world: wanting to please our sinful selves, wanting the sinful things we see, and being too proud of what we have. But none of these comes from the Father. They come from the world.”
‭‭1 John‬ ‭2:16‬ ‭ERV‬‬

This world is designed to tie you up. It is designed to enslave you. Every man and woman has a weakness and this world preys on your weaknesses. The plan is simple, enslave you. Just like a politician with a compromising situation in his life, anyone that has evidence of this situation can manipulate them to do something for them. Jesus didn’t come just to give you a ticket to the other side. He came to set you free from the bondage of this world. He came to loose you from whatever cords you were entangled with. So if you are currently bound by hidden cords of lust, pride, sin, addictions, or past hurts and pains then you are not truly free. You can sit there and quote whom the son sets free is free indeed all you want yet you are currently bound. It’s time to get free.

“Nevertheless they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied unto him with their tongues. For their heart was not right with him, neither were they stedfast in his covenant. But he, being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity, and destroyed them not: yea, many a time turned he his anger away, and did not stir up all his wrath. For he remembered that they were but flesh; a wind that passeth away, and cometh not again. How oft did they provoke him in the wilderness, and grieve him in the desert! Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel. They remembered not his hand, nor the day when he delivered them from the enemy.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭78:36-42‬ ‭KJV‬‬

The Israelites were a people chosen from all others. God backed them up when they deserved it and when they didn’t deserve it. He helped them. He blessed them. He provided for them. They however didn’t always like how He helped them, what He blessed them with, or even what He gave or provided to them. Heavenly bread from heaven was a radical sign of provision but they tired of His provision and murmured that is was better back in Egypt under Pharaoh’s hand. Their bad attitudes and cold hearts limited the Holy One of Israel. All this because one life required faith in the unseen God and the other life was familiar and easily seen. As a Christian you must now press into the unseen realms with faith in God. You can’t see His hand moving, but you
can see the results of it. Do not limit God because your mind is still limited by what you can see. God’s promise is to truly deliver you forever from all that opposes your freedom.

“Surely you know that you become the slaves of whatever you give yourselves to. Anything or anyone you follow will be your master. You can follow sin, or you can obey God. Following sin brings spiritual death, but obeying God makes you right with him.” Romans‬ ‭6:16‬ ‭ERV‬‬

Give yourself wholly to God. Never ever allow this world to begin to tell you that the best you will every have is hidden sin and a God that is gracious to forgive. God is gracious to forgive. But he is also the thy God who is ABLE to deliver you! Say it out loud, My God, you are able! I will not settle for halfway. Halfway is you hands are free but your feet are still tied up. You can’t go anywhere and do anything like that. God is a God who delivers those that do not limit Him with a calloused heart or an unbelieving mind. Today make a decision that for the remainder of your days, you will always violently oppose any form of slavery to this world. Tie yourself to God and His righteousness and you shall be free all of your days!

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